Monday, March 19, 2012

Walking in my Destiny

Oh gosh.  I am walking in my destiny and let me tell you it is not easy.  My advice to anyone under 30, would be to take advantage of school and just get it out the way.  Finding a balance between work, home and school is my biggest issue right now.  I will make it happen, because this is the last time I will enter school.  Although this is not the point of my post I think it is beneficial. 

I have always been a person who liked to help people.  My friend use to laugh when I told her that I wanted to be a person who knew everything and would be a go to person.  This may sound kind of weird, but I like to be in the know.  My issue is is that when I get in my "loner" mood, I rarely go out and network like I should. 

On Twitter over the weekend, I realized because of my "loner" episode, I actually missed a really great brunch here in Chicago and I was super upset.  I have got to stop this.  I have so many ideas and I never do anything with them.  I sometimes feel like I am just wasting my great talents.  An ideas in your mind is just a dream and I know this.  So what am I going to do?  Hmmm...

Well first off, after my natural hair meet-up passes, in April, I will focus more on having networking events with the people who I have been in contact with over the past year.  I will be known in Chicago and other cities as the "go to" girl. I know sometimes people say that your dreams are too big, but my God is bigger and with hard work and dedication, I will accomplish everything that I put my mind to.  I hope you do the same. 

Thanks for reading... CIAO!!

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