Thursday, March 8, 2012

Worth the Weight?

Oh gosh.  This 21 day breakthrough is not going as expected.  Of course weight loss is something that you have to really focus on and push through., but I am having a fit of a time.

I had things planned last week, in regards to when I would exercise and what I would eat, but it seems that I just can't get on track.  The weird thing is, that although I feel I need a daily "reward", what I choose is not making me feel good and I can't event taste it like I want to.  So why continue to eat it right?

Good question.  Any habit is hard to break and I to have this addiction to snacks (no joke).  Although I am not eating any meat or food, besides my fruit and veggie smoothie (not as bad as it sounds),  I had some popcorn on the evening of day one, which was this past Tuesday, then I had some chocolate today and my stomach is killing me.  *sigh*

Spring is coming, here in Chicago, and I dislike having to be fully clothed, so I need to get focused on my grind.  I will post some before pictures and start some type of exercising.  I'll be back next week with a line up of things that I would like to do with this blog.  Since I am in school, I am really going to have to figure out posting details.

Until next time... Ciao!

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