Tuesday, February 28, 2012

21 Day Breakthrough

Okay so weight loss is one of those touchy topics, but I'm about to lay my hands all on it (lol).  Over the past few weeks I have lost weight, because of a detox that I did.  It was my third time doing the detox and this time was the best and I got inspired (and inspired more to follow).  Although I can not take credit for this detox (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqNPr4lRvN4), I will take the credit for the change that I am going to incorporate. 

Studies show that it takes at least 21 days to break a habit and that's what I plan to do.  I have an addiction and like all addictions, it's a habit that is not easy to let go of.  I ABSOLUTELY love sweets and they are my downfall.  In one week I lost 8 pounds while drinking smoothies and eating salads.  I don't know if it was water weight or not, but I have gotten compliments from random people who have noticed (yaaayyy me). 

So I am changing the way she did things, to fit into what I can do and what people I know can do.  Trying to lose weight is hard enough.  Trying to lose weight, while on the strictest of diets, is failure waiting to happen.  So starting on Tuesday March 6th, I will start my 21 Day Breakthrough and show my progress (pictures and all), each week, during the 21 days.  I would love to have others join me on this journey.  So share this blog and I can send an email to those who want to join.  I may even have a raffle (tell your friends).

Remember, losing weight is personal to everyone.  As an African American, health is our number one concern.  We have the worst diet habits and even worse health issues, in our community.  So even if you like your size and are comfortable with your weight, there may be someone who needs inspiration and this will be the place for them to be. 

Let's do this. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We can't be friends!!!

I just got inspired by Try Songz (yeah I know).  But it is what it is.  I'm at work listening to music and We can't be friends just spoke to me.  After trying to keep in touch with exes and male friends from the past, I have realized that if there was suppose to be a friendshipk, then we would have had one by now. 

I know I'm not the only one who keeps in touch with the oldies (lol).  I think, as women, and this is my opinion, that we try to hold on to those who have gone out of our lives, because feel like they will see what they had and change their ways.  Keeping our fingers crossed when we speak to them just waiting for him to say "let try again".  Ha!  This is not the case ladies.  We have to let it go.  This includes myself.

I keep in contact with just about every guy I use to date or even know (sounds foolish right).  Now I'm not a pest, but I will check up on a brother every couple of months or so.  And these dudes are good.  One in particular always had me thinking, after we ended our call, that it was my fault that we didn't go further.  I mean talk about being highly upset.  LOL...  I had to check myself. 

This is where Trey Songz comes into play.  We can't be friends.  You know why?  For the most part, we have gone too far.  Not to mention, that men are suppose to be the hunter.  If they wanted to know what I was doing on the weekend they would call (but they don't).  People will make time for what they want and excuses for what they don't.  Ladies don't settle for being friends if what you want is a relationship.  Don't jump into a relationship if you have yet to become friends (you'll get this later).  Respect yourself first.  Until next time.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't give up on your dreams

So when I turned 30 last year I felt like I had not accomplished anything that I was extremely proud of.  Although I had in others eyes, but of course we are our worst critics.  So after going back and forth, for who knows how long, I decided to finish school (yaaay me).  This is one of my goals for myself.  I didn't finish before because of fear of success (I can admit this) and so many people have the same fears.

A couple of years ago I had a conversation with one of my male friends and I tried to explain to him that people go as far as they feel they can and that is their definition of success.  He didn't understand (lol).  Of course fear keeps a lot of us from stepping out on Faith and not ever knowing if their dream could be their reality.  I can't help but adore people who do things on a whim.  It must be nice right?   

There was this boutique that I had found several years ago and I absolutely loved their shoes (of course).  The shop was not known to a lot of people outside of the neighborhood that it was in and so it closed down.  Before it closed down, I tried, on numerous occasions, to reach out to the owner, so that she can have some events and get the store more exposure.  She didn't want to do it and let her dream disappear.  I felt like she just gave up on such a great idea.  This happens to a lot of us.  We run into an obstacle, which could just be part of the learning process and we give up.  Everyone has a different definition of success, but this doesn't mean stop because of an obstacle or the feeling of defeat.  I am going to accomplish my goals and I hope you the same.  Don't stop until you reach the TOP!!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let me REintroduce myself

It's about time for me to get this party started.  I have been holding out to get a camera, so that I can do a vlog, but that makes no sense right now. 

My name is Angela and I live in Chicago.  I am here to give you something fresh to read.  Of course blogging takes some time, so I will not be here daily, serving up some half baked mess. 

Follow me as I go through dating trials, event planning ups and downs, volunteer duties, natural hair disasters, product raffles, DIY projects, life experiences and more.  This ride will be bumpy and I'm sure you will get a headache along the way (as I will have one while posting).  But it's all in fun right?  Right.  Let's go.

See you next post.  Ciao!