Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't give up on your dreams

So when I turned 30 last year I felt like I had not accomplished anything that I was extremely proud of.  Although I had in others eyes, but of course we are our worst critics.  So after going back and forth, for who knows how long, I decided to finish school (yaaay me).  This is one of my goals for myself.  I didn't finish before because of fear of success (I can admit this) and so many people have the same fears.

A couple of years ago I had a conversation with one of my male friends and I tried to explain to him that people go as far as they feel they can and that is their definition of success.  He didn't understand (lol).  Of course fear keeps a lot of us from stepping out on Faith and not ever knowing if their dream could be their reality.  I can't help but adore people who do things on a whim.  It must be nice right?   

There was this boutique that I had found several years ago and I absolutely loved their shoes (of course).  The shop was not known to a lot of people outside of the neighborhood that it was in and so it closed down.  Before it closed down, I tried, on numerous occasions, to reach out to the owner, so that she can have some events and get the store more exposure.  She didn't want to do it and let her dream disappear.  I felt like she just gave up on such a great idea.  This happens to a lot of us.  We run into an obstacle, which could just be part of the learning process and we give up.  Everyone has a different definition of success, but this doesn't mean stop because of an obstacle or the feeling of defeat.  I am going to accomplish my goals and I hope you the same.  Don't stop until you reach the TOP!!!



  1. Very inspiring I will be 30 next year and this is just the beginning for me!

  2. Things look different when you are 30. Get ready :)