Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let me REintroduce myself

It's about time for me to get this party started.  I have been holding out to get a camera, so that I can do a vlog, but that makes no sense right now. 

My name is Angela and I live in Chicago.  I am here to give you something fresh to read.  Of course blogging takes some time, so I will not be here daily, serving up some half baked mess. 

Follow me as I go through dating trials, event planning ups and downs, volunteer duties, natural hair disasters, product raffles, DIY projects, life experiences and more.  This ride will be bumpy and I'm sure you will get a headache along the way (as I will have one while posting).  But it's all in fun right?  Right.  Let's go.

See you next post.  Ciao!